Kaban: Steeplechase Hacked
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Description : Kaban: Steeplechase Hacked - God mode. All purchases add more.
Kaban the Sprinting Boar is no longer happy with just running, now he wants to blow things up as well! Avoid air strikes, throw grenades, blow up bridges, and much more in this crazy adventure of Kaban, the running boar. Buy and upgrade new weapons, armor, helmets and much much more! If you do really well, you might even be able to guide a flying Kaban and drop bombs on unsuspecting enemies.FEATURES25 levels (13 sport tracks and 12 hostilities tracks)5 types of levels aims (race,harvest,destroyer,surviv​e,intact)31 types of obstacles, including tank, ack-ack, cruiser, air bombardment21 weapons (13 general + 8 primary),10 helmets ( 7 general + 4 primary), jet packs, air strikes…12 global achievements8 types of local track achievements (total 50)12 cities1 Steeplechasing Boar on a mission - myhappygames.com.

Control : WASD to run.SPACE to jump.SHIFT to creep (protection bonus!)ENTER or MOUSE to fire!

Tags :   action  shooting  upgrade  achievement  funflow 

Views : 6,416    (2012-03-31)
Rating: 73.5 / 100 based on 83 votes
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Kaban: Steeplechase Hacked
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