Golden Armor 2
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Description : Golden Armor 2 - Golden Armor 2 is proudly presented! Vivid true players with powerful skills. You need to understand truly the essence of Kung Fu and beat the monsters to upgrade. In the end there's a grand battle waiting for you: Fight with the True Dragon! Whether you can transcend yourself and defeat the True Dragon, it all depends on you!

Control : Arrow keys = move; ↑ = jump; Z = attack; X = defend; C = dodge; V to sky sword; F = justice sword; D = heavy sword; S = hysterical twisting; A = flying dragon; Q = wind sword; W = roaring flame sword; E = roaring flame swirl; R = thunder sword; T = golden sword; Y = double dragon flying.

Tags :   Kung Fu  Fighting  Action  Dragon  Monsters 

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