DNF 2.9 Hacked
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Description : DNF 2.9 Hacked - DNF 2.8 hacked information: Unlimited blood, unlimited money, unlimited crystal. Hidden occupation function is open.
In the DNF 2.9 hacked version a new challenging level is added. BOSS rampage, becomes much more difficult than before. 3 new weapons are added, 8 new outfits can be put on to give you a complete cool look. The levels are divided into Easy, Medium, Hard and Ultimate modes. The default levels are Easy, Medium and Hard. Ultimate levels can be accessed by passing the Hard levels.
The password to enter into the levels: 439. Type numbers in the blank space to start game.
- jackingame.com.

Control : ←→ to move, ↓ to jump backward, X to attack, C to jump, Z to attack upward, V to scratch attack, 1, 2, 3 to call for other characters.
Skills: A, S, D, F, G, H, Q, W, E, R, T, Y for different stunts and skills.

Tags :   DNF  Kung Fu  2 Players  Action  Beat Em Up  Buy Equipment Upgrades  Hacked 

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