Incursion 2 The Artifact
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Description : Incursion 2 The Artifact - The tower defense game from which the idea comes from Kingdom Rush and Warcraft 3 now welcomes a huge new update. New maps, new enemies, new achievements and new skills. The biggest highlights of Incursion 2 The Artifact are the newly-added School of Magics and a Monster Store. There are four spells of magics in the School of Magics: death magics, nature magics, attack magics and defense magics. These magics will play incredible roles in the war. Additionally, in the monster store there is one monster, several potions and some ancillary items. All these will make your heroes more powerful. As for heroes, there are two heroes in the new version who will fight with you shoulder by shoulder. So this is really a game that worth your anticipating.

Control : F1/F2 or mouse click to choose hero. 1,2,3 to choose magics. Mouse click to send troops. Enter to confront enemies. Space to speed up. Ecs to cancel the selection. P to pause.
Tip: You can gain additional reward for confronting the enemies in advance. After passing the levels, click Skill to upgrade soldiers' attribute skills.

Tags :   War  Strategy  Defense  War  Fighting  Action  Tower Defense 

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