Cmyk Slime Quest
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Description : Cmyk Slime Quest - Embark on a quest to slay slimes with the power of color! Did you think slimes were a problem when they divided like crazy? We’ll now they’ve been drinking yummy colorful polluted waters (in the Huelake forests of Keoland) which have transformed their color appearances! Luckily we can fight color with color. Start mixing your attack potions in “CMYK Slime Quest”. Match each slime’s color to destroy it. You’ll start off with the energy to change your attack color 10 times each round. Each slime you defeat will reward you with 5 more energy for color changes for the following opponents. This printer simulator rpg will test your color mixing ability using the CMYK color model. -

Control : mouse@play

Tags :   1 player  Coloring  HTML5  Free 

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